Typographic Proofreading

Having a proofreader read your RAW Word files for print or the Web is OK, but having a TYPOGRAPHIC PROOFREADER do the same job after the type has been styled and put into a page layout application or website, is quite another matter.

The way your files are constructed may need the expertise of someone who could help you avoid unnecessary charges at the printer (or Web designer), and makes sure the text is written in a way that gets your point across (see Common English Confusion).

Everyone knows that a well-designed layout will not impress anyone if the type is unattractive and the reader is struggling to understand the presentation. The proper use of our language is important to your message, and that message may be misinterpreted if the rules of English and Grammar are not followed.

PDF files sent to me electronically are printed, read, and sent back to you via e-mail with Stickies attached showing my comments. Your files are returned the same day or the next, depending on your needs, and my proofreading work is accurate. For reference, I rely on the Chicago Manual of Style and the New Oxford American Dictionary, as well as your particular company's guidelines . . . with your best interest always in the forefront.

Because of my typesetting background, I am attuned to typographic items like proper English and Grammar, consistency of style, accurate TOCs, bleeds, butts, etc. . . . and always check phone numbers, URLs, and links, always watching out for phishing sites. If anything in your text is unclear or inconsistent, I will point that out and make suggestions.

My Perspective

The bottom line is QUALITY . . . quality in your presentation, quality in your content, with no extra charges when the job leaves your shop! Thanks for taking the time to read this . . . and for more information, e-mail me at bill@bwsgraphics.com. References are available upon request.

Common English Confusion on the next ten pages will help you in your work.