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  1. A vs. An A is used before all words beginning with a CONSONANT SOUND or a HARD or sounded H. (A home, a hospital, a heavy load, a unique sound, a historical society.) An is used before all words beginning with a VOWEL SOUND or a SILENT H. (An ox, an honor, an unusual sound, an HTML document.)
  2. Anytime – (also Any time) 1. at whatever time: she can come any time. 2. without exception or doubt: I can handle a shrimp like him anytime.
  3. Addicted – One is physically addicted to something. Dependent – One is psychologically dependent on something.
  4. All right. NEVER alright.
  5. All together refers to a unity of time or place (we were all together at Thanksgiving). Altogether means wholly or entirely (that story is altogether false).
  6. Already vs. All ReadyAlready refers to time (the movie has already started). All Ready refers to people's preparation (are the actors all ready?).
  7. Amiable means friendly, but refers to people. Amicable means friendly, but refers to relationships.
  8. Anxious – Avoid this as a synonym for eager. It means worried or stressed.
  9. Anyone – Anyone would know that. Any one – Do you recognize any one of those boys?
  10. Anywhere – My keys could be anywhere. Any place – They couldn't find any place to sit down. NEVER anyplace.
  11. Appreciate – To understand fully, to increase in value, or to be grateful for something.
  12. As is – Something is purchased ''as is,'' which means it has no guarantees or representations of quality. Also, always use it within quotation marks.
  13. Avocation is a hobby. Vocation is a profession.
  14. Awhile vs. a while – awhile is adverbial (Let's stop here awhile). a while – This version is a noun phrase that follows the preposition for (she worked for a while before beginning graduate studies).
  15. Bi means two (Biweekly means every two weeks).
    Semi means half (Semiweekly means twice a week).
  16. Biannual and Semiannual both mean twice a year.
    Biennial means once every two years, or every other year.

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